We offer you a variety of local and internationally inspired dishes, using many of the original recipes of Don Udo himself, who started the business initially as a restaurant in San Pedro Sula in 1983. Our specialties are Steaks, Fondue Dinners & homemade Ravioli.

A chemist turned chef, Don Udo travelled the world and once having settled in Honduras his passion for cooking took a life of its own. He began mixing ingredients as if you would chemicals and became one of Honduras’ top leading restaurant owners. He has continued to innovate his cooking skills in Copán Ruinas and our menu offers a variety and mix of his best recipes. Homemade and local products with many a gourmet ingredients. We are proud to say we have the BEST steak south of the Rio Grande.

OPENING HOURS: Breakfast – 6:30am till 10:00am / Lunch – 10:00am till 5:00pm / Dinner – 5pm till 10:00pm

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Our bar is located in a cozy corner of the hotel and our menu is a wonderful and tropical surprise of cocktails. We also have a unique Passion Fruit Cocktails menu, with the  main ingredient being our homemade Passion Fruit Rum Liqueur.

OPENING HOURS: Lunch – 10:00am till 5:00pm / Happy Hour – 5:00pm till 7:00pm / Dinner – 5pm till 10:00pm

Please click here to see our menus. (COMING SOON)


We have created a new line of products called, “From the Kitchen of: Don Udo’s”. A delicious variety of fresh and homemade delicacies for you to enjoy at home with your loved ones. Products such as Chicken Liver Pâté, Hot Chilli Oil, Passion Fruit Rum and mouthwatering, rich and delicate Sauces to accompany any steak, fish or vegetarian dish. All for purchase at our Front Desk.

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